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Become a Member

What is Rosemary District Association?


If you live, work or own property in the Rosemary District, Rosemary District Association is your neighborhood association:

  • providing a forum for collecting and discussing the diverse points of view of its members;

  • representing the neighborhood in matters involving local government;

  • promoting cooperation between the Rosemary District and other neighborhoods; and

  • acting to directly improve the neighborhood.

Why should you join?

Support neighborhood activities

  • Your dues help fund Association projects that bring neighbors together and benefit our community as a whole.

Shape Rosemary District's Future

  • As a member, you elect Association Board members who share your priorities for the neighborhood. Further, if you volunteer, you can help make things happen!

Strength in Numbers

  • City of Sarasota officials know that Rosemary District Association leaders represent the entire membership.

Stay Informed

  • Your support helps with the many ways the Rosemary District Association keeps the community up-to-date including meeting venues and this website.

Click a button below to pay annual dues or to request a waiver of dues.

Stakeholders include businesses, not-for-profits and owners of investment property who have a stake in Rosemary District's success.

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