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Our Vision

The Rosemary District will be Sarasota’s 21st century, complete live/work/play neighborhood, strategically adjacent to traditional downtown, the Bayfront and established residential neighborhoods, but with its own distinct identity.


The neighborhood’s cultural and architectural history will be respected, while creativity, innovation and the arts are celebrated.


Public policies and investments; new developments and business; and events and activities that contribute to a vibrant, human scale neighborhood should be encouraged.


Safe and active street life, diversity, and authenticity should be promoted.


Guiding Principles


Develop the District as a Complete “Live, Work and Play” Neighborhood 



  • more varied housing types and prices,

  • more job creating businesses,

  • more neighborhood stores and restaurants, and

  • more entertainment options.


Promote Walkability Within the District



  • safe and comfortable sidewalks,

  • interesting and attractive street-level experiences,

  • pedestrian endpoints and destinations, and

  • better wayfinding.


Enhance Public Safety and Security in the District 



  • enforcement of laws,

  • more positive activity in the public realm,

  • enhanced police presence, and

  • better coordination between the neighborhood, law enforcement, and social service agencies.


Promote Pedestrian and Bicycle Connectivity Between the District, Downtown, the Bayfront and Adjacent Neighborhoods 


through new, well designed, high quality and safe means of connectivity.


Respect and Celebrate the District’s Cultural and Built History

through identification, understanding and education, recognition, and preservation of these resources.


Enhance the Presence of Nature in the District 



  • the addition of neighborhood and pocket parks, and

  • enhanced landscaping in the streets and sidewalks.


Recognize and Celebrate the District’s Distinctiveness and Authenticity


through actions and programs that: 

  • attract unique local businesses,

  • facilitate the preservation and growth of the artistic community,

  • integrate progressive public art into the District,

  • promote more expressive architecture, and

  • celebrate the District’s special attributes.


Provide Increased Support for the District’s Local Businesses 



  • additional public parking,

  • developing and implementing a District identity program,

  • establishing unique events and festivals, and

  • enhancing public safety.


Balance Regional Social Service Needs with the District’s Disproportionate Share of Social Service Providers 



  • better communication with existing social service organizations,

  • careful consideration of the impacts of any proposed expansions or new facilities, and

  • encouraging more broadly-based, regional solutions to regional challenges.

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