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Got any questions about Rosemary District, living in Sarasota, or Rosemary District Association? Got any answers to share? Send them to us. (Use the envelope in the upper right corner.)


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Q.   What are the Rosemary District boundaries?

A.   Rosemary District is a compact rectangular neighborhood bounded by US-41 on the west, 10th Street on the north, Orange Avenue on the east and Fruitville Road on the south. MAP

Q.   What voting precinct are we in?

A.    Rosemary District residents are in one of three precincts.

  • South of 4th St. is Precinct 203

  • North of 4th St. & west of Cocoanut Ave. is Precinct 205

  • North of 4th St. & east of Cocoanut Ave. is Precinct 207

Use the Sarasota County Supervisor of Elections Precinct Finder to learn who your representatives are on the City Commission, on the County Commission and in the Florida Legislature.

Q.   How can I subscribe to the RDA Newsletter?

A.   Sign up with your email address on the Newsletter page.

Q.   Are there plans for additional parking?

A.   At the RDA Community Meeting in January, 2020, Sarasota Parking Manager Mark Lyons announced that about 100 on-street parking spaces will become available within a few months. He also announced that time limits will be posted in selected locations. This will make more spaces available for shoppers and restaurant patrons by encouraging people planning to park all day to find an untimed spot a block away.

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