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Nomination Statements by the 2022 Board

There are 9 seats on the Board of Directors of the Rosemary District Association. Five seats are reserved for members who are Residents. Four seats are reserved for representatives of businesses and not-for-profit agencies located in Rosemary District and Rosemary District investment property owners (Other Stakeholders).

In 2021, the Board amended the Bylaws to make the term of office two years. Because of that, the February 2022 election will provide a transition to the new scheme. Five individuals will be elected to 1 year terms ending in February 2023, and four will be elected to 2 year terms ending in February 2024. Starting in February 2023, all candidates will be elected to 2 year terms: 5 in odd-numbered years and 4 in even-numbered years.

Top 2 Areas Board Members Want to Focus On

  • Business Community (promote local shopping, advocate for Rosemary District businesses, etc.):   Antonetti, Morris

  • Community Engagement (events, communications, outreach, etc.):   Antonetti, Lampl, Morris, Rothbard, Trice, Wilson

  • Creative Community (promote and support public art, arts and culture, etc.):  Robb, Wilson

  • Greenspace (parks, street trees, connection to The Bay Park, community gardens, etc.):  Lough, Weiner

  • Housing (affordability, accessibility and diversity, homeless encampments, etc.):   Robb, Weiner  

  • Safety & Neighborhood Care (crime, cleanliness, lighting, etc.):  Lampl

  • Transportation & Infrastructure (traffic calming, crosswalks, bike lanes, parking, overhead wires, etc.):  Lough

  • Other:  Rothbard—advocate promoting the Rosemary District with the City and County

Nominees and their Candidate Statements

Each nominee was asked to briefly respond to two questions:

  1. Why I am running for a seat on the RDA Board and what I'd like to help RDA accomplish during the upcoming year 

  2. Relevant skills and/or experiences that I will bring to the Board 

Resident Board Members

David Lough (2-year term ending 2024)

  1. Continuing to build on the groundwork the RDA has laid l over the past several years...with a vision to make the Rosemary an even more desirable and special neighborhood.

  2. 4+ years in working as RDA committee chair and board member. I'd like to feel my contributions have been significant in working with other board members, city staff and commissioners in achieving agreed RDA goals.


Brett Morris (2-year term ending 2024)

  1. After one year almost complete on the board I have a better sense of what's needed in the Rosemary. I love living and working in this part of town and want to help shape its future.

  2. I've been on the board almost one year and have learned much about how to mobilize ideas relevant to the RD. I'm good at communicating effectively without getting rattled by contentious situations. Having lived here a couple of years, I've got a good sense of how to serve this neighborhood.


Kinsey Robb (1-year term ending 2023)

  1. As a new resident of the Rosemary District and director of Art Center Sarasota (just down the road on the bay) I have a long term vested interest in the success of the Rosemary District. I feel my connections within the community are fast growing and my hope would be to bring continued artistic and community based collaborations and visibility to RDA.

  2. Prior to becoming the executive director of Art Center Sarasota, I was an exhibitions director and artist liaison in NYC - my professional background in the arts spans across academic, commercial, and nonprofit sectors. I am a strategist and a critical thinker. I am passionate about promoting engagement, diversity, collaboration, preservation, and education.


Bob Rothbard (1-year term ending 2023)

  1. I have a real interest in serving this community as it is transforming itself to a vibrant hub. I would like to follow through on discussions to query neighbors on what needs they wish to see the Association tackle in 2022 and beyond.

  2. Substantial experience at the community level in working with non-profit organizations. Years of volunteering with neighborhood organizations and contributing to local community events.


Debbie Trice (1-year term ending 2023)

  1. I am running for reelection after 3 years on the RDA Board (the last 2 as president) because my vision for the organization has not yet been achieved. RDA is a community association. By working together — Rosemary District residents, businesses, nonprofits and property owners — we can shape our neighborhood into what we want it to be. Community participation is key. The role of the RDA Board is not to do all the work, but to provide opportunities and encouragement for everyone in the neighborhood to get involved. For 2 years, Covid crippled efforts to bring people together. Rather than continue to sit back and wait, let’s develop new ways for everyone to participate in our community. I want to help make that happen.

  2. Skills that I’ve brought to RDA from my professional careers include organization, problem solving and communications. • By being organized and task-oriented, the RDA Board has kept its objectives in sight with action items for each member. • Problems don’t get solved if one stops after identifying the problem. It’s critical to take the next step to find solutions and get them implemented. RDA has earned the City’s cooperation by offering solutions whenever we raise issues. • Important elements of communication include providing useful information, seeking others’ ideas and opinions, and bringing people together. I try to include all of these in interactions with the City, the RDA Board and the Rosemary District community.

Stakeholder Board Members

Kenneth Antonetti, Spine Well Chiropractic (1-year term ending 2023)

  1. I am running for a seat on the RDA Board to continue work on the park and events within the Rosemary District. I would like to help push the park initiative forward as well as expanding and adding on the existing events we have planned for 2022. Having a better connected and engaged community helps both residents and businesses throughout the district and Sarasota.

  2. Having served on the board throughout the park acquisition and planning has given me a strong vision of the direction district members would like to take in further developing the park. Previous experience in event planning and actively engaging both residents and businesses within the district has helped me better create and plan events that can benefit the community.


Jim Lampl, Rosemary Square LLC (2-year term ending 2024)

  1. I want to remain a part of this impressive volunteer neighborhood group that has made extraordinary progress in such little time!

  2. I bring over 30 years of critical skills application to identify and solve issues and strive for constant improvement for any process or industry. Along with David Lough, raised the District’s $120,000 contribution toward acquiring the future park property.

Josh Weiner, CitySide (1-year term ending 2023)

  1. I am running for a seat on the RDA Board because I truly believe that The Rosemary District can become the most dynamic, inclusive, and vibrant neighborhood in Florida. Driven largely by neighborhood population growth and the redevelopment of the bayfront park, the neighborhood is changing rapidly. The RDA is in a position to advocate for smart growth, which preserves the community-oriented and walkable character of the neighborhood, while simultaneously bringing more residents and businesses into the fold. I am passionate about this mission and believe that my background and experience can support the RDA's efforts.

  2. I am Principal with The Longboat Group which develops, owns, and manages CitySide Apartments and is developing new projects in the neighborhood - The Bayside Club (250+ residential units) and Parkside (retail). In addition to real estate development experience, including land use and zoning knowledge, I have a legal education (licensed to practice in Washington State) and marketing experience from prior roles in brand management.

Jarred Wilson, Planned Parenthood (2-year term ending 2024)

  1. Having been involved in the Rosemary District as a business owner representative on and off since 2008, I have a deep interest in seeing this neighborhood continue to thrive as a place to work and to live. As a staff member of Planned Parenthood of Southwest and Central Florida, I feel committed to making sure that this community is healthy and that all its residents and visitors can fulfill their potential. I hope to be a part of helping the RDA continue to fulfil its vision, in particular those aspects of it which focus on support for local businesses and celebration of our history.

  2. In my professional capacity as a nonprofit fundraiser, I am adept at building and maintaining relationships. I have a strong working knowledge of the stakeholders in the City of Sarasota, having previously served multiple terms on my residential neighborhood association board of directors, Hudson Bayou. I am knowledgeable of the opportunities that the Rosemary District has, and I think that my skills would fit well with those of the existing and oncoming members of the board of directors.

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